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Land east of Lodge Road, Hurst


Mactaggart & Mickel is bringing forward proposals for new homes and public open space on land to the east of Lodge Road, Hurst.

This website was created in summer 2021 to show residents our initial proposals for the site.  We held the first stage of our consultation online, but we consulted on revised proposals for the site in October 2021 with a public exhibition in the village.

A public exhibition of our revised proposals took place in Hurst Village Hall on Thursday 7 October and Thursday 14 October.  You can view the exhibition display by clicking here.

We are very aware that this site occupies a prominent position towards the centre of the village, and we understand that most residents are unlikely to support the principle of development.  However, we hope that you will nonetheless engage with this consultation and advise us on how our proposals can be improved, despite your opposition to the principle.  Any improvements you suggest will not be used to imply your support for the development.

About Mactaggart & Mickel

Established in Scotland in 1925, Mactaggart & Mickel is an award-winning, 4th generation family-owned group of companies based around a core business of providing high-quality new homes.

Nearly one hundred years on, Mactaggart & Mickel Group continues to build homes across the UK, but has diversified over the years and now includes five separate service lines.  These proposals are being brought forward by our ‘Strategic Land’ business.

We will be seeking ‘outline’ planning permission for the site – in effect, we are seeking permission for the principle of development on the site, and to agree the broad parameters that would govern that development: principally, the number of homes, the amount of open space, and the points of access for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, please contact Adam Robinson of SP Broadway on
07711 262 925 or at adam@spbroadway.com