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Land east of Lodge Road, Hurst

Access & Transport

Vehicular access to the site will only be provided from Lodge Road, in the form of a priority T-junction.  Just to the north of this new junction we also intend to provide a new pedestrian crossing on Lodge Road, to connect the site with the permitted footpath to the west and the wider footpath network: 

No vehicle access is proposed from Tape Lane.  We propose three pedestrian / cycle access connections to the site from Tape Lane, and to provide a new off-road walking / cycle route within the site along Tape Lane:

A development of 300 homes is likely to generate approximately 150 car trips in each peak period (8am to 9am and 5pm to 6pm). These trips will naturally distribute across the local highway network, thus reducing the effect at any one junction. From current travel patterns, we estimate that these trips are likely to be as follows:

  • South-west towards Winnersh and Reading via Lodge Road and the A329 Reading Road: 15% (23 trips)
  • South to Wokingham and south of Wokingham via the A321 Twyford Road: 48% (72 trips)
  • East towards Bracknell via Forest Road: 22% (33 trips)
  • North towards Twyford: 15% (22 trips)

Detailed analysis of the likely traffic impact is being prepared by our transport consultants in order to assess if any highway improvements will be required, subject to discussion and agreement with Wokingham Borough Council.  We also want to promote sustainable methods of travel other than the private car, and will investigate whether our proposals could enable improvements to the current bus service through Hurst.  A Transport Assessment will be submitted with the outline planning application setting out this analysis in detail.

Though we appreciate that the development will of course generate additional car trips, we do want to encourage walking and cycling within the village, which is why we have incorporated a new east-west route across the site and a new off-road path along Tape Lane.  We will also investigate whether we can make improvements to existing footpaths and bridleways beyond the site.

We would welcome your views on any specific improvements to local transport provision – highways, the footpath / cycle network or public transport – that you think would be needed in order to accommodate this development.


Contact Us

If you have any queries, please contact Adam Robinson of SP Broadway on
07711 262 925 or at adam@spbroadway.com