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Land east of Lodge Road, Hurst

Open Space & Landscaping

Our initial proposals identify approximately 7 acres of the site as publicly accessible open space.  This is primarily in the form of an east-west green route across the site linking Tape Lane with Lodge Road, and a large area of open space – ‘Eyre Garden’ – in the centre of the site:

The initial proposals also provide for two smaller areas of open space at either end of Tape Lane.  We have identified the southern space as a possible extension of the Tape Lane allotments area, and a possible small parking area for the allotments, accessed from Lodge Road.  The northern space has been identified for a natural play area to the rear of the existing homes on the western side of Tape Lane:

These two areas of open space would be connected by a new foot and cycle path within the site along the full length of Tape Lane, providing a safe route for walkers and cyclists separated from the road.

We understand that most Hurst residents would probably rather see the entire site left alone as open space.  However, despite opposition to the principle of any development, we would very much welcome residents’ views on which parts of the site should be prioritised for protection as open space, in the event that some residential development is in fact permitted.  You may feel that our initial proposals do not place the areas of open space in the right locations, and we would be grateful for feedback on this point.  


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If you have any queries, please contact Adam Robinson of SP Broadway on
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