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Land east of Lodge Road, Hurst

Public Exhibition

A public exhibition of our revised proposals took place on Thursday 7 October and Thursday 14 October at Hurst Village Hall.  If you would like to view the exhibition display please click here.

Now that the exhibition has taken place, we are going through the feedback received, reviewing the proposals again and preparing an outline planning application for the site, which we would hope to submit to Wokingham Borough Council by the end of 2021.

If our application is consented, the site would then be sold to a housebuilder.  The housebuilder would then need to submit a ‘reserved matters’ application to Wokingham Borough Council to agree precise layouts and specific housing designs, and would need to secure consent for this application from the council before any construction could take place.

Provide Your Feedback

SP Broadway is managing the public consultation on behalf of Mactaggart & Mickel.  Please complete the form below to provide your feedback.

You can choose whether to give feedback anonymously or to share your name and contact details with us. We only collect this personal data in order to 1) follow-up on any queries you raise on the form, 2) follow-up on specific points you make that we or Mactaggart & Mickel may wish to explore further with you, and / or 3) understand where you live in relation to the proposed development.

We will only share your personal data with Mactaggart & Mickel in circumstances where it is necessary; for example, you or they wish to explore the points you made in more depth directly with you. We will never use your information for marketing purposes. Further information about how we use your personal data is available in our privacy policy, which you can view below.

    Privacy Policy

    This website is owned and managed by SP Broadway on behalf of Mactaggart & Mickel.
    Our privacy policy explains what personal data or information we collect from you when you visit this website and / or provide your feedback, and how we use it.
    Click here to view SP Broadway’s privacy policy in full, or click here to view a shortened version focusing on the personal data and information we collect during public consultations on development proposals.


    If you have any queries, please contact Adam Robinson of SP Broadway on
    07711 262 925 or at adam@spbroadway.com