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Land east of Lodge Road, Hurst

Design Principles

The following is a ‘constraints plan’ for the site, taking into account the existing context including the surrounding built form (the ‘settlement envelope’), the topography of the land and all existing trees on-site:


With these constraints in mind, we feel there is an opportunity to open up the site for community use, provide a network of new walking and cycling routes, and at the same time provide a significant amount of green infrastructure, including the retention of all high-quality trees not just those subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).  We therefore identified the following design principles to inform the production of our initial framework plan:

Opening up the site for community use

  • The development would be situated within the gap created by the current backward ‘C’ shape of the village, and open up private land for public use, facilitating safe pedestrian and cycle links between Tape Lane and Lodge Road and providing areas of open space for recreation and enjoyment.
  • The development would create a variety of open spaces across the site including semi-natural green spaces, play areas and a community orchard.
  • A new, large area of green open space – ‘Eyre Garden’, named after Lady Eyre, wife of the 18th century jurist Sir James Eyre, who once owned the site – would be located at the heart of the development.

A permeable network of routes

  • The development would provide the opportunity to create a safe, useful route from Tape Lane to Lodge Road for pedestrians and cyclists, and on to the network of footpaths to the west of the village via a new pedestrian crossing on Lodge Road.
  • All-modes access to the site is proposed off Lodge Road using the existing site access, with minimal intervention on the hedgerow and trees along Lodge Road. Additional pedestrian / cycle access points will be provided along Tape Lane.
  • A network of routes and streets will be integrated within the proposal to promote permeability and legibility. The network of routes will be varied in character from formal pedestrian/cycle links and informal paths.

Context-responsive placemaking

  • The development will respond appropriately to the varying edge conditions around the site and create a context-responsive design.
  • The development will provide an opportunity to create a significant green link stretching across the site from east to west. This will open up views for residents and provide a direct green route connecting Tape Lane to Lodge Road.
  • Eyre Garden will have visual connections through the site and will be defined through a considered architectural language, framed by key buildings at the corners to create views and promote legibility.



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If you have any queries, please contact Adam Robinson of SP Broadway on
07711 262 925 or at adam@spbroadway.com